Buddy Falcon’s Statement for We The People March 2019 in Georgetown, Tx about Williamson County Robert Chody

I created the Buddy Falcon Twitter account because most of us in law enforcement know what a Blue Falcon is.  You can look it up. I was seeing so many Blue Falcon’s at the SO, people that I never thought would become that person, because they were afraid of Robert Chody.  I chose the name Buddy Falcon, in a sort of oxymoron type of way I guess because you can’t be both a “Buddy” and a Blue Falcon. There are 800 followers of the Buddy Falcon Twitter Account.  Last month, there were 1.05 million impressions.

Our purpose is to say to the Blue Falcons :

We see you.

We know what you’re doing

and we’re gonna call you out. 

I want you to understand how we got here:

In 2015, Officer GoForth while in uniform getting gas in Houston was randomly shot and killed. Even more than usual, we were already looking over our shoulders.  We were feeling uneasy about our safety when in uniform.  

  • When Robert Chody came up with the idea of doing a Police Lives Matter March
  • , most were on board because 
  • we really felt that the public had a negative perception of us
  • , and this was our chance to bond together 
  • to show support for one another.  

It was never our intention to use the march as an opposition to anybody.  

We didn’t realize we were being used.  Robert Chody got us together to support each other then used us to jump-start his campaign.  He said the right things. We all supported him. He was elected. 

Chody did some good, putting out some positive press.  We were beginning to feel that the public did support us.  The job we do is more than writing tickets and trying to catch the public  doing something wrong. We see things we will never unsee. While we don’t expect congratulations for the good we do, it sure felt good to receive a bit of praise.   

Then Chody started doing some things that we didn’t understand. 

  • The command staff he brought in.  
  • It was not who we expected. 
  • We had heard some negative things about 
    • Ryle from Round Rock, such as having had a Vote of No Confidence, 
    • and Fikac that he brought over from the Constable’s office, didn’t seem like a good choice for the 3rd in command. 
  • Chody hired officers
    •  who had disciplinary actions
    • Who had been outright fired by their previous agency
  • The Lone Star Fugitive Task Force that went after all the worst criminals and did sex offender compliance checks.  Chody disbanded it
  • There are County Court approved positions such as Corrections CIT, SRO, etc.  Chody moved deputies out of those positions and put in his friends. 
  • Lots of officers came from APD – that was a paycut.  Chody guaranteed those guys overtime pay.
  • Our SWAT team has a very low number of callouts.  Chody made SWAT …… ……. full-time.
  • Becoming a member of SWAT was something you prepared and tested for.  It almost became an automatic for Chody hires.  
  • Chody hires get promoted over those of us that :
    • had never had any issues 
    • And worked hard for the county 
    • Luera skipped over all the others that were up for promotion to lieutenant, after never having been a sergeant. 
    • Memos came out that Chody could promote whoever he wanted.  
  • People were moved around randomly, we never knew who would be our next commander. 
  • We whispered stories of of our brothers and sisters being fired for reasons we couldn’t understand 
  • We wanted to believe they had really screwed up.  
  • Otherwise, how were we to believe that it wouldn’t happen to us. 
  • We were afraid to speak up.  
  • We feared being the next victim. 

We noticed Chody’s social media posts became all about Robert Chody.  He was obsessed with getting everything on :

  • the news
  • LivePD
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • anywhere he could get his face on the screen.  

This was not what we were about. 

This was not what our job was about. 

Many of us heard what Deaton said in the briefing, even if secondhand.  

We had already been told that he and Chody were tight and to be careful.  

Even so, when the Deaton Elf story broke, we were certain Deaton was a goner.  When Deaton wasn’t disciplined but INSTEAD members of the K9 Unit were fired or demoted for much less severe infractions, 

everybody knew their job was not safe.  

Chody and his admin had figured out that it was safer to just say you no longer met the needs of the department.  

  • Two commanders fired
  • one over text while on FMLA
  • with literally no reason given. 

Johns was fired for reporting Chody for theft.  Chody’s close friend, County Attorney Dee Hobbs, refused to take the charges against Chody.  If any one of us had done what Chody did, we would’ve been fired and prosecuted. 

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We saw a good cop that worked with the FBI, undercover agent Detective Vargas, fired over a meme.  When she was fired, Chody’s Lt Luera’s post was still up. From months and months earlier. It had the same exact word.  No action against Chody’s man.  The real reason Detective Vargas was fired?  She reported a Chody man – a person above her in rank – sexually harassing her on Facebook.  He posted sexual remarks about her breasts. Nothing was done.

Chody has 

  • crushed dreams 
  • and ruined careers of 100’s of families
  • and brags about how he was “inspired” to get where he is. 

Robert Chody paid over $700,000 to be Williamson County Sheriff. 

Robert Chody didn’t earn this job.  

See photos of Georgetown, Texas’s We the People March 2019.

You will see a hashtag on Twitter. It will say “#iambuddyfalcon”.  Everybody that has been wronged and everybody that supports those that have been wronged, you ARE Buddy Falcon.