Who Is Buddy Falcon?

  • Speaks for those that cannot speak for themselves. NOT a blue falcon just call them out.
  • Sheriff Chody is obsessed with this question….
  • To WCSO Deputies, Chody is a Blue Falcon, a derogatory euphemism for “buddy-f****r.” Blue Falcons are great soldiers when the commander’s watching. But they’ll screw you in a heartbeat when nobody else is around.
  • A BF was someone who screwed his buddies. We just called them Blue Falcons.
  • A person who screws their fellow employees also known as a Buddy Fucker.
  • A cop that uses their position of authority to get unethical community perks such as freebies or discounts, or anything out of convenience instead of saying “Thank you but No”.
  • Noun: a person who intentionally makes you look bad in front of others; especially your spouse or significant other. Adjective: to grate on another officer by making them look inferior to someone else, usually in a non-serious way.
  • There is no sexual connotation there. The phrase can also be shortened to “BF”, or phonetically expressed as “bravo foxtrot”, but the meaning is the same. A Blue Falcon is a service member who is a supposed friend/ally who ends up screwing you over or stabbing you in the back.
  • Someone who betrays a close friend or comrade in arms.
  • The brilliant thing about “Blue Falcon” is that it sounds like the opposite of its meaning: virtuous, patriotic, and gallant. And it sounds military, like the name of a flying squadron (compare the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels) or a combat operation (compare Desert Falcon, a Patriot missile defense of Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Kuwait in the 1990s and early 2000s). All of that makes it a perfect euphemism.
  • #IAmBuddyFalcon
  • A blue falcon is something you don’t want a reputation as if you want to enjoy your military service. It is a bravo foxtrot, a buddy fucker. The blue falcon will screw over his squad, platoon, company, or roomate at the slightest prompting. He’s the reason you’re doing Chinese field day on a Saturday. He’s the reason you have that safety stand down.
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Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody is a Blue Falcon.