Change Williamson County

  • #ChodyMustGo
  • The new sheriff fires Wright and anyone else in the #ChodyMafia.
  • The Texas Rangers do their jobs and come to Williamson County to reestablish law and order.
  • District Attorney, Shawn Dick, convicts Chody and Deaton on multiple felonies sending them to prison for a long time.
  • Judge Bill Gravell admits his sins and actually decides to show the light of Jesus Christ in his work on the Commissioners Court.
  • The Wilco Commissioners make amends:
    • to deputies including Heather Vargas and Brian Johns.
    • to the civilian victims including the Shirley Family and Ramsey Mitchell.
    • to the black community of Williamson County.
    • to victims of domestic abuse. Did you know Wilco funds an animal shelter but gives NO MONEY to shelter battered / abused women? There was a point in time not too long ago ( and still may be ) that these women were sleeping in tents out in the cold and rain.
  • Dee Hobbs tells everyone his real name is …. and resigns his position as County Attorney. Come on, man. Chody can use county funds to pimp out his UTV, but deputies can’t use county funds to fix their boots? Damn, dude! You screwed the pooch with that one.
  • Personally, I’m hoping that law enforcement and voters in Williamson County realize that through all of this, the Wilco GOP party has remained silent and that all…like ALL…of the voices speaking against Chody, Deaton, and Gravell are of the liberal persuasion. When they needed the party of ethics and morality the most, they threw Chody a party. Literally. But I fixed it for them, cause I’m helpful like that. I don’t personally like many of the Democratic candidates, but at least they’re publicly saying, “Hey, that’s messed up.“. By the way, Wilco GOP will be hosting another party and fundraiser for Chody. Guests include John Cornyn and John Carter. Just sayin.

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