Meet the Jokers

County Judge Bill Gravell

Bill Gravell and Robert Chody were friends as early as 2016. Gravell has said he supports Chody, because they are friends. Gravell acquired his position as Williamson County Judge after Robert Chody had the previous judge, Dan Gattis, charged with official oppression for telling Chody to quit tweeting.

Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody

Steve Deaton

Nick Wright

We don’t really know what is really going on with Nick Wright. For all we can tell, he had a fairly ho hum career at APD. Unlike the troubled Deaton and Chody, there are no news stories about beating children or loosing his gun while shopping. Then why jump onto a sinking ship without a life vest, weights tied around his ankles while holding a hive of Japanese Wasps? Almost immediately after Commander Steve Deaton quit due to harassment from just about everyone in the world except serial killers, Chody apparently fast tracked the hiring of Wright. We don’t know why Nick said yes. He, Deaton, and Chody were friends before all of this mess broke into the media. What we do know is that Wright earned his spot as a WilcoJoker by being the only other person we know of that enjoys scenes of black men being murdered. Is friendship worth all of that?

County Attorney Dee Hobbs

Dee Hobbs is the Williamson County Attorney. In August 2018, he sued the Williamson County Commissioners Court in order to hire Jason Nassour. By all accounts, he was a decent man. Now, his career is over. Hopefully.

Jason Nassour

Jason Nassour is a long time attorney in the Austin, TX area. He has business ties to Bob Cole, a long time Austin radio personality. Nassour represented APD Commander Jason Dusterhoft when accused of assaulting a female. In 2010, Nassour assisted Williamson County District Attorney Jana Duty prepare a lawsuit to remove County Judge Dan Gattis from office. In 2018, Nassour represented the Williamson County Attorney, Dee Hobbs, in the criminal charges that eventually led to the removal of County Judge Dan Gattis. It has been reported that Nassour has been interviewing deputies prior to their termination. The implication being that Nassour is searching for Buddy Falcon.

The Jokers / Good Ole Boys together

Undated. Chody (l) and Deaton (r) bring on a new reserve deputy.