The Story in a Nutshell

This site is dedicated to detailing the exploits of Wilco’s current set of jokers – Sheriff Robert Chody, Judge Bill Gravell, Commander Steve Deaton, and Commander Nick Wright. Special guest stars are County Attorney Dee Hobbs, Senator Charles Schwertner, Jason Nassour, and the Good Ole Boys.

Hobbs, Gravell, and Chody were buddies. Deaton, Chody, and Wright were buddies. Hobbs tried twice to get rid of County Judge Dan Gattis. Nassour was involved both times. The second time, Hobbs succeeded with the help of Chody. Gravell took Gattis’s spot. This seems to be fairly normal for Wilco.

First day of Chody’s reign as Sheriff, he hired Steve Deaton as his commander. Sheriff Chody started abusing the deputies. He listened to their break room conversations using audio bugs. He fired people who dared to disagree with him. The number of deputies busted 200. That’s over 200 families of first responders harmed. Deputies starting complaining publicly via social media. One deputy even built a criminal case against Chody presenting it to Chody’s buddy, County Attorney Dee Hobbs, where it got shot down. Go figure, right? Two deputy twitter accounts emerged in all of this: @AltWilcoPIO and @Buddy_Falcon. Chody starts firing deputies apparently for the purpose of learning the identity of @AltWilcoPIO and @Buddy_Falcon. For some reason, Nassour from the County Attorney’s office attends the interviews of the about to be fired?

Then things happened to really blow the roof off Chody’s kingdom. First, Attorney Robert McCabe lets the world know that 20 sheriff’s deputies heard Chody’s commander, Deaton tell them, “to fuck her before she is not around” referring to a LiveTV producer and that the deputies weren’t confident that telling Chody would result in a fix to the situation. They were right. Not only did Chody not immediately say, “Deaton has early onset dementia.”, he also didn’t fire Deaton. While people were scratching their heads and shrugging this off as “There Wilco goes again”, a plucky liberal organization had taken notice of Chody’s activities. This organization does liberal things like fight hate of : black people, gay people, latino people, jewish people, and immigrant people. They teach tolerance, seek justice, and remind us all how difficult securing civil rights has been in America. One thing the Southern Poverty Law Center does very well is call out the racists and haters. They weren’t targeting Chody and Gravell for their open hate of brown immigrants, no. They were looking at Chody, because Chody was sitting on Deaton’s posts of Elf the Shelf. Don’t know what that is? Well, let us tell you.

Deaton had apparently been creating these elaborate displays of kidnapping, rape, and murder using barbie dolls and elf on the shelf. For years. And Chody knew. Deaton says most of the hundreds he did weren’t obscene, but we’ll never know for sure, because according to Chody, Deaton deleted the posts from Facebook as per Chody’s orders. If that sounds illegal to you, it is because… it probably was illegal. Chody used his position as sheriff to squash a criminal investigation into Deaton’s creation and display of obscene material, then he and Deaton conspired to destroy the evidence. Felonies and misdemeanors abound, oh my! At least, that’s what it looks like to us. We aren’t well paid, well trained, experienced, honorable lawmen like Sheriff Chody, Commander Deaton, and The Texas Rangers.

Along the way, Chody lied. A lot.

Back to the SPLC… When Kathryn Casteel’s article was published and brought national attention to WSCO, the local media got interested. That sounds judgmental and it is, but Wilco is Wilco. Who can honestly blame them for missing one racist, misogynist Wilco story of corruption amid all the other Wilco stories of racism, misogyny and corruption? No one. The Austin American Statesman wrote a story and sort of lost interest.…. didn’t. Tony Cantu took the ball from Casteel and crossed the goal line. He let the world know that people in Wilco were really, really upset about Deaton’s posts, about Chody hiding them, and Gravell blaming everyone but himself.