This is about more than today. History is repeating itself and it might be your child. On every Tuesday at 9 AM, tell Wilco Commissioners not again.

The attitudes of law enforcement has a gigantic affect on each one of us regardless of our age, color, or status as a victim of a violent crime.
History is happening right now.
If today a young woman goes missing in Williamson County, do you want the people who search for her to think of kidnapping, rape, and murder as ‘funny’ topics?
Chody and Deaton need to go. They need to go now.


  • Robert Chody, then an officer with APD, stood accused of beating a much smaller 15-year-old black teenager, Marcus Dewayne Frank, in East Austin, smashing the youth’s face on the hood of a patrol car, putting him in a “full nelson” (a forceful, immobilizing wrestling hold that places pressure on the neck), triggering a seizure in the terrified youth and bruising his ribs – and finally arresting [Marcus] without apparent probable cause.
  • Chody did this AFTER the young child’s mother told Chody the child suffered from seizures brought on by stress.
  • Chody’s partner at the scene, Perkins, struck the young child’s mother with his massive flashlight.
  • APD says no video exists of the brutal attack against citizens of color.
  • Years later Chody describes his 1998 self by saying, “I would call myself a good cop”


  • Chody and his wife take home 51 million from the Texas Lottery.


  • In a lawsuit brought by Franks’s mother over the brutal beating of her son at the hands of Chody, US District Judge Sam Sparks signals that the evidence against Chody is overwhelming.
  • The City of Austin settles the case.


  • Chody resigns from Austin Police Department.


  • 19 yo Rachel Cooke disappears from Georgetown, TX. The Williamson County Sheriff’s office is the lead investigative agency.
  • It was later said that the Williamson County Sheriff, John Maspero, had a direct hand in fouling the search.


  • The TV Show, Unsolved Mysteries, profiles Rachel Cooke’s case.


  • Cooke family invited to the White House.


  • The search for Rachel Cooke is featured on the tv show, John Walsh Show.


  • Williamson County Sheriff, Maspero, is stopped by 2 Georgetown Police officers as Maspero staggered down Williams Drive.
  • The officers taxi Maspero home safely.
  • No ticket was issued.
  • No charges filed.


  • Williamson County Attorney, Gene Taylor, files under Texas law to remove Williamson County Sheriff, Maspero, after having investigated and found evidence that Maspero engaged in serious misconduct including allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace, crawling on the floor of a men’s club barking like a dog then biting a dancer, and indecent exposure.
  • Maspero refuses to step down and added, via attorney Ed Walsh, that he was looking forward to running for re-election in 2004.
  • This is happening as rumors are spreading about shady contracts between the Williamson County Commissioners Court and FT Wood Construction and cuts to worker bee positions while creating high paying management positions.
  • District Judge James F. Clawson orders the sheriff suspended.
  • Maspero resigns.


  • The 2004 Run/Walk for Rachel is held.


  • Rachel Cooke’s story goes international as a British reporter of the same name visits Georgetown, TX.


  • 18 year old girl, Natalee Holloway, goes missing during a high school graduation trip to Aruba.
  • The case is widely covered by international media.
  • Critics point out the racism inherent in the selective reporting of the disappearance of white females.
  • Deaton will later recreate Holloway’s torture using a barbie doll.


  • Williamson County Commissioners Court slashes the budget of Constable Precinct 1, Gary Griffin, ONE day after he makes a change in his department.


  • Griffin, says of rumored candidate, Chody, “The job of constable … requires patience, dedication, skills, and common sense – not lots of money.”


  • Aruban prosecutors close case on search for Natalee Holloway.


  • Natalee Holloway’s case is reopened when a prime suspect confesses to her murder and claims to have sold her into sex slavery.


  • Chody announces run for Williamson County Precinct 1 Constable.
  • It is said that Williamson County political higher ups are delighted that Griffin will soon be gone.


  • The Cooke family raises a billboard in search of their daughter, Rachel Cooke.


  • Confessed murderer of Natalee Holloway, Joran van der Sloot, kills Stephany Flores Ramirez in Lima, Peru.


  • Rachel’s story airs on the tv show, Disappeared.


  • Robert Cooke, Rachel Cooke’s father says he was frustrated with law enforcement from the beginning, claiming some investigators thought Rachel wasn’t really missing but perhaps just a college student partying on her Christmas break.


  • The Cooke family discusses a deluge of psychics seeking their attention.
  • Natalee Holloway is declared dead in absentia.


  • Assistant Chief Stephen Deaton steps down from the rank of Assistant Chief to commander in order to date an executive assistant who works for the APD chiefs.
  • Police Chief Art Acevedo disagrees, calling the move a demotion.


  • Rachel’s father, Robert, dies never having found his daughter.
  • Austin Police Department Commander, Deaton, is suspended for 3 days following inappropriate comments.


  • Chody is the lead organizer in a “Police Lives Matter” march planned in Austin, TX the same day as a previously planned rally by Black Lives Matter Austin.
  • “Police Lives Matter” is seen by many as a racist statement because it ignores the reality of America’s over-policing of and violence against people of color while at the same time claiming police to commonly be victims of targeted attacks by black activists; an idea not supported by statistical facts.


  • Deaton leaves his badge and gun at a northwest Austin Target.


  • Chody wins Republican Primary election for Williamson County Sheriff.


  • Chody, Bill Gravell, and Dee Hobbs are best friends and good ole boys


  • Michael Moore, a convicted murderer, is charged in the murder of Rachel Cooke after having given a confession containing details that only the murderer could know.
  • Moore’s confession is later proven false.
  • What person in law enforcement that gave Moore this information is never disclosed.
  • After spending 1/2 million of his own money on the primary election, Chody is elected Williamson County Sheriff in the general election.


  • Deaton retires from the Austin Police Department.


  • Chody is sworn in as Williamson County Sheriff.
  • On his first day in office, Chody hires his commander Deaton with an annual salary of $97,026.
  • After hiring Deaton, Chody takes center stage as he announces creation of a cold case unit to look into, among other cases, the disappearance of Rachel Cooke.


  • Investigators receive a “tip”. They begin digging in Liberty Hill
  • As a result, Chody receives news coverage linking him to Rachel Cooke.


  • Media reports former Williamson County Sheriff, Maspero, made critical mistakes that hampered the search for Rachel Cooke.


  • Chody’s commander, Deaton, tells media he is bringing snipers and sand trucks to the sheriff’s office.


  • Deaton posts an image of a black man’s knees being removed with a chainsaw as retribution for kneeling during the national anthem.
  • Williamson County Sheriff, Chody, later “likes” the post.
  • Later still, Chody claims to have missed the obvious reference to murder of his political opponents instead focusing upon the more important issue of stopping black men from expressing political speech.
  • No media outlets report that Chody once organized a Police Lives rally to counteract a Black Lives rally happening the same day.
  • Williamson County Judge, Bill Gravell, “laughs” at the post depicting murder. Gravell later claims he made a mistake “liking” the post.
  • Deaton makes a post about glory holes linking it to #georgemichael.
  • Media does not report whether other members of law enforcement or government enjoyed Deaton’s posts.


  • Deaton puts his own smear on the healthcare debate raging in America.
  • Is Deaton sending someone a message?
  • Chody proves he knew what Deaton was up to.


  • Austin’s City Council rejects police contract.


  • Chody has been hiring gobs of APD officers.
  • Deaton and Chody pose smiling with at the hiring of reserve officer, Jason Borne.
  • Chody and Williamson County Commissioner’s Court enter into a contract with LiveTV.


  • Off duty Williamson County Sheriff’s deputy beats 12 year old girl so severely witnesses believed she would die.
  • The deputy was recovering from his 3rd critical incident.
  • Chody and Fikac were both aware the deputy may be suffering from PTSD
  • Chody and Fikac violated policy by not forcing the deputy to a psychiatrist.


  • Investigators announce a “break” after having found a very old car similar to one described as near Rachel Cooke the day she died.


  • Chody charges Williamson County Commissioners Court Judge, Dan Gattis, with official oppression for telling Chody to “quit tweeting”.
  • Chody’s concern is that his free speech is being infringed upon.
  • Some observers see this as a vindictive prosecution and political hit.
  • Chody is quoted as saying of Judge Gattis, “It concerns me because now I wonder, ‘Is this something he’s going to try to sabotage behind the scenes?”
  • Later, when Judge Gattis is removed from his position, Gravell takes his seat as head of the Williamson County Commissioners Court.


  • FBI reports it might have maybe found blood in an old car that might be maybe related to Rachel Cooke.


  • Deputies begin negatively posting to social media about Chody
  • It’s said that Chody hasn’t been hiring the best people.


  • Chody is accused of hiring a deputy who is a drunk driver and had posted revenge porn.


  • Chody removed a memorial to a fallen deputy.


  • Deaton creates a post involving a kidnapping of a barbie doll. It ends with “it was time to get paid. #Ispitonyourgravepart4”.
  • Deaton repeats whatever this sickness is.
  • Deaton creates another post covering party rape and something called a “rusty trombone”.


  • Chody is center stage of a dig on land East of Georgetown related to Rachel Cooke.
  • Deaton posts a scene ending with the sentence, “Silently though he wonders whether the roofie he slipped her earlier will still be effective.”
  • Chody’s commander, Deaton, posts a creation of his own making. A depiction of a disheveled Natalie Holloway lying on the floor of her serial killer’s room.
  • Deaton ends the post with #seniorTripsRule
  • Deaton depicts a fictitious scene where a satanic Santa whips his elf. The post ends with #theyhealfastthough. Observers recognize that the post is mocking the horrors of slavery endured by black folks in America.
  • Again, Chody proves he knew what Deaton was doing.


  • Deaton orders that Deputies working with LivePD NOT take normal calls, but pick the calls they want.
  • There appear to be MANY Deputies ONLY working LivePD any given LivePD – Deaton says “will now log on as call signs Zebra 1, 2, 3, 4”.


  • Law enforcement agencies have been digging in a field east of Georgetown.
  • The dig is very visible and very high profile.
  • FBI, DPS, Williamson County Sheriff’s Office are all on scene.
  • As a result, Chody receives lots of news coverage linking him to Rachel Cooke.


  • Chody is invited to attend the State of the Union Address by Congressman John Carter.


  • Chody has developed a reputation for throwing tantrums at his deputies.


  • Chody makes a public threat against the new website, localgov.news.
  • LocalGov.news covers Chody’s arrogance and crimes.


  • Chody’s commander Deaton told 20 deputies of a LiveTV producer “to fuck her before she is not around”


  • Rhonda Gilchrist, a licensed counselor who previously worked for a different Williamson County Sheriff messages Chody via Facebook messenger of his commander Deaton’s foul posts.
  • Chody accuses Gilchrist of not trusting “your sheriff”.
  • Chody says he will not communicate with her because she “seemed to have made a decision without all the facts already”.
  • Gilchrist continues to send images of Deaton’s posts to Chody.
  • Chody’s commander, Deaton, removes his psycho-killer posts.
  • The twitter handle, “Knowlin Ryan” publishes Deaton’s posts to Twitter.


  • Rhonda Gilchrist reaches out to Williamson County Commissioner Terry Cook regarding Deaton’s obscene posts.
  • Cook says she can do nothing ( which is not true ).


  • Chody announces he has reprimanded his Commander, Deaton, for reportedly challenging deputies under his command to attempt to bed a female producer with the tv show, Live TV.
  • Chody declares the Williamson County Sheriff’s office has a “zero-tolerance police on offenses like that”
  • Two Williamson County Sheriffs Deputies are fired after Chody learns of the content of their personal text messages.
  • Deaton is not punished


  • Chody announces the FBI funded billboards to aide in the search of Rachel Cooke.


  • Incidents of false arrest ad excessive force occur on the same day while shooting LiveTV.
  • SWAT arrives to deal with a person driving without a front license plate. Really. That happened. On TV.


  • Deputy Jarred Dalton posts, “Glad we could make some good tv for the boss man to enjoy while he represents us in DC.”
  • His statement is especially scary considering the violence that happened earlier this month and the intentional violence about to happen on May 16, 2019 to a black family.
  • Jared Dalton has links to Judge Bill Gravell.
  • This is especially scary considering the violence that happened earlier this month and the intentional violence about to happen on May 16, 2019 to a black family.


  • Chody’s men intentionally put off arresting a person known to carry weapons so that dramatic footage can be seen on LiveTV
  • Instead of arresting Archie Shirley when he appeared in court earlier that day, WCSO command told the bailiff to NOT arrest Shirley.
  • Later that same night, SWAT raided the Sandra Shirley’s home.
  • SWAT put a gun to the head of a 10 month old child.


  • Chody and his command staff aren’t keeping up with training to be a police officer in Texas.


  • On an episode of LiveTV, Chody’s deputies violently beat a husband, Ramsey Mitchel.
  • The beating is likened to a “Rodney King” episode.
  • Rebel Sanders, a friend of the victim later says, “I do know that several people have been trying to bring things to the attention of the sheriff about this use of excessive force especially since the Live PD contract has been ongoing.”
  • Chody later has Ramsey’s original mugshots replaced in an attempt to cover up the savagery of the beating.
  • Ramsey’s friends and family setup a facebook page dedicated to righting this wrong.
  • On LiveTV, a Lieutenant Deputy flirts with a citizen.


  • County money and time are supposedly used so that Chody could tweet about sushi?


  • Chody finds online sexual comments to be funny.


  • The Texas Monitor publishes an article questioning why attorney, Jason Nassour is being paid 20% more than as expected under state law.
  • Jason Nassour is the same attorney who charged County Judge Dan Gattis with “threatening” Sheriff Chody.
  • For unknown reasons, Jason Nassour is sitting in on deputy termination interviews.


  • Chody denies legal counsel to one of his deputies


  • County Judge Bill Gravell and Chody ride together in Chody’s personal vehicle.
  • Chody had used County funds to maintain / fix up his personal vehicle.
  • A lightbar, stickers, and battery were added.


  • Chody is criticized for seizing citizen’s private property despite a new Texas law prohibiting him from doing so.


  • The sheriff’s department is dying.


  • Chody announces that command staff promotions will no longer be made based upon ability.


  • A deputy favored by Chody makes a sexual post.
  • Cody is criticized for hypocritical statements regarding the 1st Amendment.


  • Chody has been firing lots of deputies despite promising the opposite.
  • Even deputies hired by Chody are leaving.


  • It is noted that morale at the sheriff’s department is super low.


  • Chody is fond of saying one thing, then doing another. He talks often about the value of veterans, yet he has fired a great many.


  • It is noted that one veteran fired by Chody is Commander Carter.


  • How can we trust Chody with the Rachel Cooke case?
  • The Southern Poverty Law Center publishes an article outing Williamson County Sheriff, Chody, as a promoter of racisim, violence, and rape.


  • The Southern Poverty Law Center notes that after the story about Chody and Deaton went national, the Austin American Statesman is now covering Chody and Deaton.


  • Deaton teaches an ethics class for deputies
  • No, that isn’t a joke.


  • It is noted that the media finds Deaton’s post about Natalee Holloway too obscene for publication.
  • That decision bolsters the claim that Deaton created and published obscene material – a felony.
  • That crime opens the possibility that Deaton and Chody committed other felonies while attempting to cover up Deaton’s posts.
  • It is noted that the reputation of the law enforcement is being negatively affected.


  • It is noted that the Williamson County Social Media Policy is fairly broad.


  • Chody’s choices for the deputy’s union leadership are soundly defeated.
  • Chody’s deputies don’t support him.


  • It is noted that Chody is harming officer safety.


  • Deputies are taking heat because they work for Chody.
  • Deaton claims “hardship”.
  • It is noted that true hardship is felt by deputies whose lives have been ruined by Chody.


  • It is noted that Chody’s campaign site contains photos of an officer who was allegedly fired for destroying body cam footage.


  • Apparently, Chody’s campaign site contained the claim that he created the Victim’s Assistance Unit.


  • Opinion has it that Chody is complicit in Deaton’s crimes.


  • 16 people speak to the Williamson County Commissioners Court.
  • 11 of them speak against Deaton and Chody.


  • Deaton files an EEOC complaint alleging he is being harassed for exercising his 1st Amendment rights.
  • It’s very obvious that Chody is supporting Deaton.


  • Buddy Falcon details episodes of LiveTV showing extreme waste by Chody while performing for the cameras.


  • Chody resorts to dirty tricks in order to control a community meeting regarding cooperation with ICE.
  • During LiveTV, Williamson County isn’t fully covered by the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department.
  • Ha, ha, ha. The sheriff’s website has nothing under “professional standards”.


  • Citizens of Georgetown are disgusted with Chody and Deaton


  • Chody’s man, Chief Roy Fikac sends threatening email to rape victim.


  • Chody announces re-election campaign.
  • Media reports on a study showing a leading cause of death for black men in America is getting shot by police.
  • Chody writes on facebook that he isn’t punishing Deaton because he doesn’t want to ‘chill’ Deaton’s opinions.
  • Chody claims Deaton’s posts had no adverse consequences.
  • Chody announces he can not fathom the meaning of the term, “adverse consequences”.
  • Chody states the disciplining of Deaton including Chody telling Deaton “I WAS NOT HAPPY WITH THE POSTS”.
  • After residents begin vocally denouncing Chody, Deaton, and Gravell, media heavily reports on the Deaton psycho story.
  • Media portray Deaton’s actions as 2 mistakes without reporting Deaton has been depicting acts of rape, kidnapping, and murder for years.
  • Chody announces the policies governing the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office are too vague and prevent him from punishing his commander, Deaton.
  • Williamson County Commissioners Court ends contract with LiveTV.
  • Media portrays the move as part of a response to the Deaton embarrassment.
  • In actuality, the move was made because Williamson County District Attorney, Shaun Dick, had earlier declared that he may be forced to refuse all cases from Chody’s Williamson County Sheriff’s Office due to the LiveTV contract.
  • Media fails to report the high volume, frequency, and duration of posts made by Deaton.
  • Fox 7 News masters the art of the understatement by writing “including a series of facebook posts some see as offensive and racist.”


  • A Twitter critic of Cody suddenly disappears as does the website, LocalGov.news, which detailed Chody’s foibles.


  • Deaton quits effective 2019-09-02
  • Deaton shows no remorse
  • Deaton feels victimized
  • “I have sat on the side lines and watched this agency and our sheriff be characterized as a lot of things other than the fine professional organization that we are,” Deaton wrote. “This is sadly due in large part to a few photos I posted on my personal Facebook page some time ago. Sheriff Chody, words can’t describe how honored I have been to serve with you. The fact that you have stood by what you felt was right, despite the onslaught from those around you, speaks to your character.
  • Deaton said in his letter that the accusations of racism and misogyny against him are “preposterous,” and said in hindsight he should have understood “that those who haven’t worked around me or know me, would not understand my sense of humor.” He added that he had posted more than 100 photos with the elf and other figurines and that people had only seen the shocking ones.
  • “In the future before condemning folks you do not know, understand that people are more than a social media post or two,” Deaton wrote. “If you are going to judge the character of a person based on their social media content, then at least look at the totality of that content.”
  • Attorney Robert McCabe releases a statement reminding everyone that Chody didn’t fire, demote, or discipline Deaton.
  • The Rev. Chuck Freeman puts it best: “One down, two to go.”
  • Rumors fly that Deaton’s replacement is an APD Commander who ALSO LIKED Deaton’s post about murdering a black man.


  • Chody hires Nick Wright to replace Deaton.
  • Nick Wright is the ONLY other person we know that enjoyed Deaton’s obscene posts.
  • Irregularities are noted about Wright’s position.


  • Story about Chody using County money to maintain his personal vehicle hits local media.
  • Chody and Judge Gravell had just ridden in the ATV during a July 4 parade.
  • Whistleblower, Brian Johns was fired by Chody.
  • Brian Johns had built a criminal case against Chody.
  • County Attorney Dee Hobbs refused to deal with charges.
  • The Texas Municipal Police Association later releases a strong statement in support of Brian Johns.


  • Chody tweets makes September 11, 2001 all about himself.
  • Chody fires Detective Heather Vargas for “violating social media”.
  • In reality, the Detective was being sexually harassed by a Sergeant.
  • Chody claimed the undercover Detective had broken WSCO policy by having a Facebook account under a pseudonym.
  • Pretty importantly – the entire time WCSO had the Detective’s name and photo up on their own Facebook page.


  • Chody tweets “Thank you #nationalpolicewomanday” the day after he fires Detective Heather Vargas for being sexually harassed by one of Chody’s Sergeant’s.
  • Chody toots his own horn about having given money for a Dec 2017 meal he gave for deputies in which he received an award.
  • Williamson County Republican Women hold a dinner honoring Chody.
  • Veterans / first responders fired by Chody are denied entrance.


  • Williamson County GOP plans a fundraising dinner featuring Robert Chody.
  • The GOP hides the location from the general public.
  • A protest of the WCSO LivePD related violence is planned for 9AM. For more details, see Friends of Ramsey Mitchell on Facebook.

Note on Events

I’ve noticed some folks callin this paper fake news or saying facts were left out. By all means, leave a comment and I will add in any facts. I’m not a newsman and don’t want to be. I’m a father of little girl who looks just like Holloway and Cooke. I was thankful as fuck that Travis County responded when she went missing and crazy, over the top grateful when Hutto PD found her. What I’ve also noted is that the people complaining about this paper are more interested in complaining about tangental issues. It’s insane to me that Soccer moms, white supremacists, good ole boys, NAZIs, ANTIFA, liberals, socialists, anarchists, and Trumpists can’t come together on an issue of whether or not it’s ok for Sheriff’s Deputies to dream about kidnapping, raping, and murdering our kids. Even if you absolutely hate black people and don’t have a clue why we kneel, you can’t really be for cutting our legs off at the knees. Can you? If after all of this, you are still cool with what Deaton, Chody, and Gravell have done, fuck you.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQTNpx4T0V0&feature=share – 28 minute mark – Rachel Cooke’s family- 34 minute mark – Kim Pasqualini – as a child was a victim of attempted kidnapping